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Cheap gas on Maui - well, cheaper anyway.

maui oil company kahului maui - cheap gas

Where to buy your gas on Maui:

Maui Oil Company  808 871-6220

16 Hobron Lane, Kahului HI 96732

If you want to save money on your gas purchases on Maui, your best bet is to have an account with Maui Oil Company.  Once you have an account, you can use their gas pumps to fill up and get billed once a month.  You'll find that the gas here is about 20 cents a gallon cheaper than most other gas stations on the island.  That's my husband filling his barrels for the tractor.  You can buy your farm grade diesel here too, as well as grease and oil for your heavy equipment.

Here in Hawaii we have expensive gas prices compared with the mainland states.  The prices also vary from island to island, with the small islands of Molokai and Lanai generally paying a little more than us on Maui.  We don't have Costco gas pumps, so Maui Oil is a great alternative for those of us who like to save.  When I filled up on New Year's Eve, I paid $3.659/gallon.  I probably would have paid $3.85 anywhere else.  Ace Hardware in Kula, and Hanzawa's Store in Haiku are usually good places to buy your gas for a few cents cheaper than the other guys, if you're not "in town".

car wash in the central area of Maui

Maui Oil also has a nice new car wash that recycles water.  They say they've been doing about 400 cars a day.  It's the kind you drive into and park, and the machine moves around the car.  It's a pretty big deal over here!  With the car wash you can vacuum out your car for free.

If you live here, or if you're thinking of moving to Maui, give these guys a call and set up an account.  They're good people to know.

If you're looking to relocate to Maui, please let me help you find the right home that suits your needs. for your maui real estate needs

Call or EMAIL directly to The Hunter

Maui agent Georgina M. Hunter R(S) 808 283-0635

Team member: Jim Sanders Realty Inc.  Paia HI 96779


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Cheap gas on Maui - well, cheaper anyway.
Where to buy your gas on Maui: Maui Oil Company 808 871-6220 16 Hobron Lane, Kahului HI 96732 If you want to save money on your gas purchases on Maui, your best bet is to have an account with Maui Oil Company Once you have an account, you can… more
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