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My first ActiveRain encounter! - It's REAL on Maui

kuau - a small beach on maui 's north shore near paia  

first activerain meeting on maui

I had my first ActiveRain meeting the other day.  I have graduated to a new level  for an ActiveRain newbie.... lol.  It was unreal.

Gena Riede from Sacramento contacted me before she came to Maui and we managed to hook up over here for a lunch date at Mama's Fish House Restaurant in Paia.  She had the stuffed mahimahi and I had the ahi sashimi salad and the shrimp wontons... delicious.  Thanks for the great time Gena!  She had been to Maui 17 years ago and has been just waiting to come back to this famous beachside dining spot on Maui's north shore.  I like to eat here whenever I get a chance. 

Gena beat me to the post with her great pictures, and a post called WEST MEETS WESTER.  We both took some pictures of the encounter, the restaurant and the beach.  How do you like them? 

We'll get together again before she leaves the island.  I am in awe that she has been a member since almost the beginning.  I have only been here less than 3 months.  This is a great start to a wonderful networking opportunity for me.  THANKS ActiveRain.


tropical flowers on Maui



It was great to talk to her, and tell her about the things that make Maui a special place to live and visit.  I got to listen to her Maui stories too.  If you're coming to Maui, I hope you will also contact me and we can  talk story.  I have lived here since 1980 and we have been buying real estate here since 1981.

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Coming to Maui?  Call the HUNTER - Georgina M. Hunter R(S) - your real estate agent on logo

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Aloha and Happy Holidays!

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