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My Other Blog is... 100% organic

My other BLOG is... 

....   This website is new, and it's an upgrade to Cascading Style Sheets which seem like a good idea.  I'm dying to find out.  It's also still evolving, so feedback is welcome.  I'm starting to get  blog crossover though, so might have to merge the blogs somehow, as I find myself doing the primary blogging here since joining AR.

It's alll about Hawaii, Maui County and Maui Real Estate and it's 100% organic.  No fillers and no fake ingredients and nothing toxic.   It's good for you.

Surfing Goat Dairy - feeding the goats.  Please enjoy your meal.

Aloha - The Hunter

Comment balloon 1 commentGeorgie Hunter R(S) 58089 • October 07 2007 08:55PM
My Other Blog is… 100% organic
My other BLOG is… … http://www. mauihunter. com/blog. html This website is new, and it's an upgrade to C ascading S tyle S heets which seem like a good idea. I'm dying to find out. It's also still evolving so feedback is welcome. I'm… more
Oceanfront Homes for Sale - Kuau
If you're looking for an oceanfront or beachfront home in the neighborhood of Kuau Maui you're probably a surfer, windsurfer, or kiteboarder Maybe even all of the above. This location is about as good as it gets for the water sports… more
Twin Falls Maui - hiking and swimming
Twin Falls is a different kind of tourist attraction on Maui Located on the Hana Highway, at the 2 mile marker, this swimming spot is a popular stop on the famous drive to Hana. Locals and tourists alike come here to cool off on a hot day… more
Fixer with a View - Haliimaile Maui
Even in today's market there are still some really good fixer-uppers out there. I saw one recently that would make an excellent project for the hands-on home buyer who has to have an ocean view. The quiet town of Haliimaile on the slopes… more
Pauwela and Haiku Canneries - Haiku Maui Hawaii Light Industrial -…
HAIKU MAUI HAWAII - 96708 The Pauwela Cannery in Haiku is located on West Kuiaha Road, about a mile up from the Hana Highway. It used to be an old pineapple cannery back in the day, when the railroad came up from… more
Paia MAUI Hawaii from the air - Localism Featured
PAIA MAUI HAWAII - 96779 See the North Shore Maui Map Here we go again on another interisland trip, this time we're flying from Maui to the Big Island. This picture was taken from the window of our Aloha Airlines flight on a typical… more
The Pines at Koele - Island of Lana'i, Hawaii
Lana'i Island, Maui County On our recent trip to the island of Lana'i I was able to see some properties for sale, and get an overview of the real estate market there. Basically, there are some really great homes and condos, but they are… more
Remember Clotheslines?
You know what bugs me? So many subdivisions don't allow clotheslines according to their CC&R's When did clotheslines go out of fashion, and why? What's up with that? I remember reading somewhere that if everyone in this country just… more
Jump Right In.
You know, sometimes you just have to jump right in the deep end and start swimming. So far I think I'm keeping my head above water. All this talk about Blogging these days… so just do it, right? What is there to lose? I did some blogging on… more
Are you getting hungry? Where to eat in Paia Maui Hawaii
PAIA RESTAURANTS If you're on Maui and thinking about where to eat, I have a website that will help. Paia town has many great restaurants as well as stores where you can buy food to go. Mana Foods, the health food store, has a great deli… more
It's raining in Haiku today… ActiveRain that is.
I think it's appropriate that it's raining here in Haiku today, as I start this BLOG on ActiveRain Although there is a water shortage on other parts of this island, we are not in any way concerned about our own water usage, as we have our own… more