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You may not know of this hidden valley down Honopou Road on Maui's north shore.  Some of the land has belonged to Hawaiian families for generations and goes back to the "great mahele".  There is a lot of history here, with ancient rock walls surrounding taro paddies that are watered from Honopou Stream.  This is where a large population of Hawaiians called home, back before the the sea-faring Europeans landed here with their diseases and land-owning practices.  Not many native Hawaiians still choose to live a lifestyle that includes taro and sweet potato farming, raising crops and animals in order to subsist.  Over time they have moved on to greener pastures and the lure of life in town, with all the conveniences.

If Hawaiian history interests you, please see the Hawaiian Historical Society website for a wealth of information. 


potholes in the road in Honopou MauiHonopou Road is an unpaved country road that more or less follows the curves of Honopou Stream, from the Hana Highway to the ocean cliffs.  Since Maui County won't maintain these miles of road, the homeowners get together once a month for road maintenance and a potluck party.  It's a community effort that helps to build a bond between them.  You can see that some of these potholes have been filled in already.  Neighbors get to know their neighbors and learn how to work together as a team.  Did you notice there are no power poles and telephone lines down here?  

This area is "off the grid", meaning that there are no water lines, no electric service, and no cable TV.  No pizza delivery either!  It's up to each homeowner to provide their own services, and they have come up with some creative techniques.  Most people have photo voltaic systems to supply their electric needs, and a water catchment system or well for the plumbing needs.  Cell phones and satellite dishes work here , so who needs a land line?  Distributors of off-grid supplies live nearby, and you don't have to go far to find an expert to guide you.  It's a lifestyle of necessity and of choice.


Honopou Rd sign in Haiku MauiPeople who live down Honopou Road like their privacy.  They don't want a paved road with curious tourists racing around looking for a way to get to the ocean (you can't get there from here - so don't even try).  This quiet country lifestyle is just what they want.  They are an independent bunch who have learned to rely on themselves with a little help from friends and neighbors.  It's a tight and friendly community.  Many people like to grow their own food, and raise a few animals.  Some edible things that grow easily here are:

  • bananas - all varieties
  • gingers -  edible and flowering
  • taro - wetland and dryland
  • citrus - oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, lemons and limes
  • breadfruit
  • lychee
  • coconuts and other palms
  • vanilla beans

At the start of the road are some well known waterfalls and pools that are frequented by locals.  At the end of the road is a locked gate that looks out over private pasture land.  The grassy cliffs rise a few hundred feet above the crashing ocean waves below.  There are some parcels of vacant land for sale in Honopou and I will be posting that information soon.  I hope you enjoyed this little tour of Honopou, on the road to Hana.

There is a new listing of vacant land for sale in Honopou, I have blogged about it

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