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Do I really have to do it? 6 useless things about meme

Steve Mattison tagged me for this meme... 6 useless things about me you don't need to know.  I don't even know this guy, so who does he think he is? lol.  But I can handle it, short and sweet:

  1. I can bend my fingers at the first joint - not an easy trick to learn
  2. I don't like to read boring market reports on Active Rain either
  3. I have a homing device that finds lost things that belong to my husband
  4. I don't have any tattoos except for the one inside my ear for when I get lost.
  5. I have eaten some weird foods like raw fish, frog legs, chicken feet, pickled cow tongue, and snails ... but I won't eat a steak and kidney pie.
  6. Sometimes my birthday falls on Thanksgiving and I get a day off, but not this year....

You can all be thankful that I am not tagging anyone else for this meme.


sexy pink heliconia flowers

Comment balloon 15 commentsGeorgie Hunter R(S) 58089 • November 26 2008 05:32PM
Do I really have to do it? 6 useless things about meme
Steve Mattison tagged me for this meme… 6 useless things about me you don't need to know. I don't even know this guy, so who does he think he is lol. But I can handle it, short and sweet: I can bend my fingers at the first joint.. more
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