Maui Blog - Georgie Hunter R(S): If Europe is taking Roundup off their shelves, why aren't we?

If Europe is taking Roundup off their shelves, why aren't we?

If Europe is taking Roundup off their shelves, why aren't we?

Do you wonder why the health of American is so bad, yet at the same time you can walk into any WalMart and see shelves and shelves of toxic products there for everyone to load up into their shopping carts?

The European Union is way ahead of us on this front.  They have been banning the use and the sale of it in more and more countries.  How is that we are so slow to react in this country?  Does anyone care that cancer causing chemicals are applied by the ton to our public parks, roadsides and along waterways, let alone massive agricultural operations?

Around the world, other countries are also banning products like Roundup which contain the poison glyphosate.  Russia, Sri Lanka, Peru and Argentina are seeing the light and stepping up to stop this madness.  Sri Lanka!?  That's a very small Asian country who realized that the high spike in kidney disease was linked to the use of glyphosate on their rice crops, and said "No more" and banned any further use. Why is the U.S. still in denial?

It's bad enough that glyphosate is so readily available, but do we need to keep making it worse?  Glyphosate is not only in our water and food, it's also in personal care products such as tampons!

stacks of Roundup for sale at the local WalMart

Do you have Roundup in your garage?  Are you spraying it around your yard and home?  You might want to think twice about that, knowing that it can cause long term health issues.

How can we start to make a difference?  STOP BUYING THESE PRODUCTS.  That's the first thing to do.  Hit them where it hurts... their bottom line. Educate yourself and try to make a difference in your community is the next step.

Thinking about moving to a community where organic farming is practiced, and respect for the land is not a thing of the past?  You can be upwind of all that toxic bullshit on the north shore of Maui, in Huelo. Consider Haiku Maui as an option and search the Maui MLS for Haiku homes for sale.

Another sunny beautiful day in Huelo, Haiku Maui HI

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Comment balloon 4 commentsGeorgie Hunter R(S) 58089 • March 11 2016 03:17PM


There are many way to naturally fix issues that users of Roundup could use instead. It is so easy to just buy something and use that. I guess I am saying that we are lazy.

Posted by Sussie Sutton, UTR TEXAS Realtors - Rep for buyers and sellers. (UTR Texas Realtors) over 2 years ago

I completely agree... Frankly I am so appauled that just to get GMO's labeled when all the other countries are banning them... just makes me shake my head... 

Posted by Dianne Hicks (Realty ONE Group) over 2 years ago

Wow Georgie ... great post and warning for all of us! 

I have never used Round Up and if it's banned in Europe because of the toxins, it should also be banned here 

Posted by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz, Las Vegas Henderson Homes for Sale (Realty ONE Group) over 2 years ago

Thanks for reading my post and I'm glad to see you guys are on board!

Posted by Georgie Hunter R(S) 58089, Maui Real Estate sales and lifestyle info (Hawai'i Life Real Estate Brokers) over 2 years ago

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